Welcome to Batú

Get ready for a gastronomic journey that will awaken your senses and transport you to a world of flavors and textures. Located in the breathtaking setting of Caribbean Park, in the pulsating heart of Downtown Punta Cana, Batu is much more than just a restaurant: it's a stage where culinary creativity and the Caribbean atmosphere merge in perfect harmony.

From its own ashes, like a Phoenix, Batu is reborn. A bold and juicy venture, sheltered under the watchful eyes of the ancient Taínos, whose presence gives us a unique vision of our past. Batu embarks on a new path hand in hand with a Mallorcan chef, bringing a distinctive and broad perspective to its new menu, encompassing the best of the world's wisest cuisines.

At Batu, we not only offer a unique culinary experience but also care about the comfort and satisfaction of our customers. That's why we have a cozy and relaxed atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a romantic dinner, a gathering with friends, or a special event.

Furthermore, our team of professionals will attend to you with kindness and efficiency to make you feel at home. At Batu, we strive to provide exceptional service and an unforgettable culinary experience.

In summary, Batu is the perfect place for those seeking a unique culinary experience in a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Come visit us and let yourself be amazed by our flavors and aromas!


At the very heart of Batu beats a passion that transcends culinary boundaries: a passion for innovation and the art of gastronomy. Guided by this unwavering passion, our team of chefs, whose reputations have crossed borders, gathers in a culinary meeting that is as creative as it is respectful of authentic roots.

Each dish that emerges from our kitchen is an expression of this masterful fusion, a tribute to the rich culinary heritage of the Caribbean region. We delve into the history of local flavors, interpreting them and taking them to new heights. But our quest doesn't stop there: we explore the farthest corners of the globe to infuse our creations with surprising nuances.

The magic of our kitchen lies in the skill of our chefs to weave a symphony of flavors, textures, and colors. Each dish is a sensory experience that awakens the senses and evokes deep emotions. And, as we celebrate the fresh and authentic ingredients provided by the Caribbean land, we also recognize that diversity is an endless source of inspiration.

The influences of Mediterranean cuisine add notes of charm and sun to our creations, while the secrets of Asian cuisine infuse a touch of intrigue and subtlety. From the spicy and bold flavors of Latin cuisine to the elegance and simplicity of the Mediterranean, each bite is a journey through cultures and traditions converging into a unique gastronomic experience.

At Batu, the kitchen is an art in constant evolution. Our team embraces experimentation and creativity, pushing the boundaries of Caribbean gastronomy to new horizons. Here, the passion for innovation merges with respect for roots, and the result is a culinary experience that is equally exciting and comforting.

Every visit to our restaurant is an opportunity to immerse yourself in this masterful fusion, to explore new flavors and rediscover classics with a fresh twist. From the first to the last tasting, each dish at Batu is a reminder that cuisine can be a journey, an adventure, and an artistic expression all at once.

Come and join us as we explore the world through the palate, celebrating the richness of tradition and the excitement of creativity in every exquisite bite.


Our Executive Chef

The Magic Behind the Scenes: Getting to Know Chef Juan Garmón.

Let's delve into the culinary narrative of a mastermind: Executive Chef Juan Garmón, whose gastronomic journey takes us from the picturesque shores of Mallorca to the paradisiacal shores of Punta Cana. Juan Garmón is not just a chef; he is a storyteller through flavors and a passionate creator who brings excellence to life in every dish served at Batu.

Heir to a rich culinary tradition dating back to the Mediterranean island of Mallorca, Juan Garmón brings with him centuries of influences and gastronomic secrets passed down from generation to generation. These culinary treasures, combined with his tireless pursuit of perfection, make him a natural leader in the culinary revolution of Batu. Juan Garmón's path to culinary greatness was unconventional. Initially involved in the world of food and beverage distribution, he discovered his true passion in the art of cooking. This discovery transformed his trajectory, leading him to explore the most prestigious kitchens and work alongside the most influential names in the culinary world.

In our kitchen, the fusion of flavors is an embrace between the surprising and the rooted, a meeting where the culinary traditions of two worlds converge. Juan Garmón, our Executive Chef, brings with him a legacy that extends from the heart of Sencelles in Mallorca to the beaches of Punta Cana. Get ready to discover the authentic Mallorcan homemade Paella, a recipe that has been carefully preserved as a family treasure and now arrives at our tables to delight your senses.

Today, his influence and leadership are evident in every aspect of Batu. Every dish bearing his signature is a carefully crafted culinary tale, told with fresh ingredients and techniques at the forefront of gastronomic innovation. Every element, from ingredient selection to artistic presentation, reflects his dedication to excellence and his desire to take diners on a flavor journey that will leave a lasting imprint in their memories.

Juan Garmón's cuisine knows no bounds; it is a bold expression of his creativity and passion. His dishes not only satisfy the palate but also tell a story—a narrative of his experiences in different kitchens around the world and his connection to the land and sea of Punta Cana. Each bite is a new chapter, an opportunity to explore and discover the intricately woven layers of flavor in every preparation.

At Batu, Juan Garmón is not just an executive chef; he is an architect of memorable culinary experiences. His leadership inspires the entire team to consistently raise standards and challenge the limits of culinary creativity. In every dish served, Juan Garmón's legacy as a storyteller through food comes to life, inviting diners on an unforgettable journey that celebrates the heritage and future of top-notch cuisine.

Special Events

Vibrant Saturdays: Punta Cana Day Party - The Must-Experience Fiesta!

Every two weeks, our Saturdays transform into an explosion of flavor, music, and excitement with "Punta Cana Day Party."

From 6 in the evening until 10 at night, we invite you to immerse yourself in a festive atmosphere that takes over the evening.

El Tardeo es el toque picante que solo Batu puede ofrecer, llenando el ambiente con un ambiente vibrante y divertido.

¡Prepárate para vivir una experiencia que despierta tus sentidos y te hace bailar al ritmo del Caribe!

Los Domingos al Ritmo del Alma: Relajación y Música en Vivo en "Domingos al Soul"

Después de una semana agitada, los domingos merecen ser celebrados de una manera especial. Nuestro evento “Domingos al Soul” es el bálsamo perfecto para el alma. Desde las 10 de la mañana hasta el mediodía, te ofrecemos un oasis de relajación y entretenimiento.

Sumérgete en las notas suaves y ritmos profundos de la música “Deep House, Nu Disco, House y Funk” a cargo de nuestros DJ en vivo. Pero eso no es todo. Junto con la música vibrante, te invitamos a disfrutar de un exquisito Brunch que combina sabores únicos y frescos.

Nuestro Brunch te deleitará con una selección cuidadosamente elaborada de platos que satisfarán tanto tus papilas gustativas como tu espíritu. A medida que el reloj avanza, la piscina se convierte en un escenario para la diversión y el disfrute, rodeada de hamacas y balinesas que te invitan a relajarte y recargar energías.

Imagina una atmósfera donde la tranquilidad, la música en vivo y un Brunch excepcional se fusionan en una experiencia única para tus sentidos. “Domingos al Soul” es mucho más que un evento; es un viaje sensorial que te llevará a un estado de paz y satisfacción total.

Un Lugar donde las Almas Libres se Reúnen: Vive el Latido de la Vida en Batu

En Batu, no solo celebramos los sabores excepcionales, sino también la alegría de estar vivo. Nuestros eventos de fin de semana son un tributo a la pasión, la emoción y la buena vida.

Desde los vibrantes sábados del “Tardeo Punta Cana” hasta los tranquilos y estimulantes “Domingos al Soul”, cada experiencia es una invitación a celebrar la vida en su máxima expresión. Te esperamos en Batú, donde los amantes de la buena comida y las almas libres se reúnen para compartir risas, música y momentos que quedarán grabados en el corazón.

En nuestro restaurante, cada día es una oportunidad para celebrar, y los fines de semana son simplemente un pretexto para llevar esa celebración a un nivel completamente nuevo.

Promos especiales

Vive la experiencia Batú al máximo con nuestras promociones. En Batú, no solo te ofrecemos una experiencia gastronómica única, sino también oportunidades emocionantes para disfrutar aún más. ¡Explora nuestras increíbles promociones y encuentra la mejor manera de disfrutar de momentos especiales con nosotros!

Lunes - Staff Day

Un Homenaje a Nuestros Héroes Cotidianos.

Los lunes son días para celebrar a los que trabajan incansablemente. Únete a nosotros para el “Staff Day”, un homenaje a los grandes trabajadores que hacen posible que todo funcione sin problemas.

Disfruta de un menú especial diseñado para elevar tu día, disponible tanto durante el almuerzo como la

Miércoles - 2x1 en Sushi

Un Festín de Sabor Sobre el Rollo.
Los miércoles son la oportunidad perfecta para disfrutar de la fusión de sabores en nuestros rollos de sushi. Disfruta de nuestra promoción de “2×1 en Sushi”, donde podrás deleitarte con una amplia selección de opciones creativas y frescas. ¡Trae a un amigo y duplica la diversión gastronómica!

Jueves - Cata de Puros y Actuaciones Musicales

Un Encuentro para los Entusiastas del Sabor y el Sonido.

Los jueves en Batú son una celebración del buen gusto y la música. Únete a nuestra “Cata de Puros by Blackbird”, una experiencia que combina la riqueza de los puros con la melodía de la música en vivo.

Disfruta de una actuación musical mientras exploras los sabores y aromas de los puros seleccionados.

Viernes - Ladies Night

Un Brindis por las Mujeres.
Los viernes son para celebrar a las damas. Únete a nuestra “Ladies Night”, donde las mujeres son honradas con una copa de cava gratis y un 50% de descuento en todos los tragos.

Un ambiente sofisticado y divertido te espera durante todo el día.

Sábados - Miami Happy Hour

Un Momento de Diversión y Refrescantes Tragos.

Los sábados en Batú son aún más emocionantes con nuestro “Miami Happy Hour”. Disfruta de un 2×1 en tragos seleccionados de 4pm a 6pm, mientras te sumerges en el ambiente vibrante de nuestro restaurante.

Es la manera perfecta de celebrar el fin de semana y relajarse con amigos y empezar el TARDEO de la forma más DIVERTIDA.

Estas promociones agregan un toque especial a tu experiencia con nosotros. ¡Esperamos verte pronto para disfrutar de estas ofertas únicas y sabrosas!

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